Obergurgl: Day After the Snowstorm

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4th day in the Austrian Alps…

The clouds were thin and wispy again.  The air was crisp, still. That kind that makes you stand perfectly still, close your eyes and inhale deeply and long as you take in all the peacefulness that hugs you.

But what fed our sense of wonder that day was the scattered rainbow that circled the sun.  We didn’t know exactly what it was or how its called, but that day, we called it ‘a Christmas Rainbow’…

A Christmas rainbow

The kids and my hubby went snowboarding early that Christmas morning, the day after the storm.  I, on the other hand, took my time, walking slowly from the apartment to the ski mountain base, making several stops in between.

After lunch and before the boys went snowboarding again, they agreed to go for a walk near the river and see if we could take a few drone shots of the village.

My hubby managed to get AWESOME shots which inspired me create this video.  I hope you’d enjoy watching!

Here are a few more photos from that day:

Mountain and frozen Gurgler Ache river
Calm comes after the storm.  I wasn’t sure that this photo will turn out good because the camera was against the sun, I’m glad it did!
Village level and people walking slowly
DSC_1076 2
That’s our Joaquin taking a rest, silly kid.
Frozen Gurgler Ache river
DSC_1031 2.jpg
I spent a long time just looking at the river.  I was completely and utterly in awe of this place.
I have fascination over frozen lakes and rivers.
So glad that my hubby managed to get awesome drone shots!
Ah, just me and my camera.
It did feel like -15 degrees.  Thankful for the blue skies above us and a thick carpet of snow under our boots. 🙂
IMG_8964 2
Christmas lunch at Hotel Mathiesn’s sun terrace restaurant
The sky turned purple and pink as the day came to a close.

We had a special Christmas fondue dinner at Hotel Edelweiss and Gurgl.  The food was good and the spread was better than we expected.  The wine was exceptional, special.  And I remember that we laughed a lot during that dinner.  The formal ambience of the restaurant did not prevent our kids from being their silly and talkative selves (especially tipsy Benjamin).  We remembered how different our Christmas was in the US a few years back (where we ate only porridge and left-over chicken 🙂 ),  but it was the same feeling of gratitude for the gift of family and togetherness.

Photo credit: https://www.edelweiss-gurgl.com/en/culinary-delights/fondue-special
Coolest fireplace
Cheers to family and togetherness – our Christmas blessing


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    1. It’s a special photo, isn’t it? My son asked why include that photo of ‘just dad and the snow’, and I said, “do you see the sparkles?” And he immediately understood. 🙂 thank you for dropping by to check out my blog. Hope all is well on your side of the globe. 🙂


  1. What an awesome adventure! Great photos, too! That “Christmas Rainbow” is everything! What a beautiful family as well – seems you really had FUN! I will have to check on your other posts, too – especially the Christmas Markets! My ultimate dream (bucketlist, perhaps…) is to go to all those European Christmas Markets…lol! Wishful thinking! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome rainbow shot – I don’t know what it is either. You should flog that video to the Obergurgl tourist authority. It is such a good promotion they should at least give you a free return holiday 😜

    Liked by 1 person

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