Singapore Sunsets and the Clouds that Make Them Beautiful

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Maybe it’s because I’m getting old, or just sentimental, but I’ve been noticing that Singapore is blessed with fascinating sunsets on most days.

And I’ve been telling my kids, the clouds make them happen. How thin, how puffy, high or low, cloud formations largely contribute to those dramatic sunsets. And if they really do think about it, the dark, heavy ones always have the potential to bring out the most intense and interesting sunsets.

I hope they get the point I was trying to make though, that clouds – the challenges, they can make life beautiful, spectacular even…

Enjoy the photos below. 🙂

The most vivid I’ve seen, look at the metallic silvery blue sky, driving along Bartley Road
Alien invasion @ Bartley Viaduct
Shades of purple and pink @ Kallang Tennis Centre
Invitation for stillness @ Pasir Ris Park
Ships and cranes @ Shangri La Sentosa
Always a gorgeous sunset @ West Coast highway when I pick up hubby from work
Living in colour @ Lornie Road
When we attended a wedding near the Singapore Yacht Club
Tranquility at sunset, after doing a family beach cleanup @ Punggol Settlement
Shangri La Sentosa
Feeling of accomplishment after a competition, now time to relax
Sunset behind the central business district
I’ve seen this red and gray layered sunset a few times here, along Dunearn Road towards Clementi. I have three very similar photos taken here on separate days over the last 2 years
Fiery one
Creepy one?
After biking @ Coney Island
Punggol area near Coney Island
Subtle but it’s there @ Sontosa Cove

For me, sunsets evoke feelings of peace, rest and stillness. But most of all, they naturally and instantly bring a sense of deep gratitude.

Gratitude not only for the obvious privileges I have, but really more for the warm hugs of my 12-year-old child when he says ‘I’m done with my homework, Mum, I need a hug now,’ or the unconditional love of my teenage son after I chided him, or, being able to fetch my hubby from work early, in time for him to catch the sky burst into a spectacular display of colours.

How about you, what does the sunset mean for you… xoxo


  1. You have a lovely gallery of sunset here. Sunset and sunrise are so special. I see the sunrise most days down on the beach while exercising. Sunrises always hold so much promise, the anticipation of a wonderful day ahead.

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  2. I love sunrises & sunsets … they both hold so much stillness and promise … of a day to come, of a day ending which marks the beginning of another …

    Your gallery & tour through Singapore is so varied and lovely. My favorites are in the glass elevator over looking the Marina Mandarin & the final one of you both.

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    1. Sunset marks the beginning of another day – that another positive way to look at it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and positivity, JuLyn.

      We’re quite lucky to always have beautiful sunsets here, and yeah that photo at Suntec area is nice. 🙂


  3. The pandemic has definitely made us appreciate what we can find on our doorstep. We stayed by a lake recently. F and I both had the same idea to go out and photograph the view at sunset and dusk. Independent as she is these days, my daughter insisted on going out before me and exploring a different stretch of shoreline! I was pleased we had the same idea though!

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    1. Yeah we really got to realise and appreciate the goodness that surrounds us. I wonder who had a better shot of the sunset, you or F? 🙂 But seriously it’s really good when our kids have these moments of gratitude. Makes us parents smile and feel warm. 🙂

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  4. Napakaganda lalo na yung sa Lornie Road. Napakaeasthetic tingnan 🙂 ❤️ Sunsets are the most beautiful time of a day, and I also love taking photos of sunsets with clouds too 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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