Keeping Up with Singapore’s Grand Display of Flowers

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I was very much hoping to visit the Flower Dome this week. Dale Chihuly’s glass sculptures are on display and this would have been my first time to experience the man’s genius. Covid19 has gotten more active here lately so I’d heed the advice to stay at home.

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There’s a virtual reality tool that will soon be available in the exhibit’s website, so until I could safely visit the display (it ends in August), I’d be looking forward to the VR for now.

There are indoor gardens in many tropical countries, but to have one that is massive and magically displays for months cool-weather flowers like tulips, daffodils, lupins and cherry blossoms, is truly special. And where else in the tropics have you heard of century-old olive trees thriving and bearing fruits? Nowhere, only in Singapore’s Flower Dome.

I’ve searched my photo archive and it dawned on me that I visited the dome only 6 times since it opened in 2012. The floral display changes themes a few times a year and I clearly took this for granted. I missed so many. For someone who claims she adores flowers, only visiting 6 times in 9 years is unforgivable!

When the Covid situation here gets better, and as inspired by the several beautiful WordPress posts of DR of Lonely Travelog, and my dear friend Karen of Milestones & Wanderlust, who also loves flowers (but visits each time the theme changes), I promise to buy the annual ticket for the dome.

Meanwhile, here are some photos I took during the 6 times (boo!!) that I went to the dome:

Poinsettia Wishes theme Dec 2020, Nutcracker castle was at the centre
Dec 2020, last time that we were at the dome
Oct 2017 display, yup those are real pumpkins
The giant farmer was in the center of the exhibit, Oct 2017
I went with my sister and parents for Tulip Mania May 2018
Flowery Fun Times with Nursery Rhymes Jul 2015, look at that shoe!
The dome was filled with my favourite – wild lupins!
I thought I’d never see foxgloves again after our trip to Scotland, but here they are, right at home in Singapore for the Flower Fun Times exhibit.
I can’t remember the theme that Aug 2014 but the dome was filled with purple hydrangeas and other purple flowers.
Aug 2014
Dec 2012, first Christmas exhibit at the dome
Silly-old-bear, mainstay at the dome
Alice in Wonderland, too.
These 1.5 meter long cactus is part of the big cacti zone
I’d leave you with this interesting flower, the name of which I have yet to check on my next visit.

Hopefully my next post would be on Chihuly’s Glass in Bloom exhibit! -xoxo-


    1. Hi there Rusha! Thanks for the kind words. Yah it must be so grand with those glass sculptures, I could only imagine. Yes the truck’s a real winner! They coloured it red once for the tulip display. 🙂

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  1. Such coincidence as Loving Husband and I did our morning run around Gardens by the Bay today. There are 3 Chihuly sculptures which we viewed (no charge) and they were quite lovely, We are taking the grandparents to the Flower Dome on Tuesday next week so we’ll see a few more then.

    Hope you’ve had a chance to visit the Gardens by now! Keep safe & well!

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  2. Good to see new post sis! Yes I am back to blogging if you haven’t seen the latest around here in NZ but I am devoting my time now reading and responding to all my followers and readers. Give and take is the key! I take it that you and the family are traveling again? Enjoy and stay safe! C U around

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      1. Hi sis this is my other blog just dedicated to my Youtube channel but not posting all my videos here as no time YT gets most of my time haha! The followers there are more demanding. I am trying to see your new post?

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          1. Hi sis! sorry for late reply I am too busy with YT and other jobs that I am seldom in WP unfortunately. I just cannot do it all haha! pls support me on my YT channel PinoySwiss abroad as I cannot update this WP at the same time. So much to do with these social medias that I cannot cope doing it all at the same time. It is either one way or another I have to sacrifice not doing to be able to focus on one or two. C U Thanks!

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    1. Yah the flower exhibits here can be pretty magical and they follow the seasons of the northern hemisphere. Lucky us we get to experience a bit of them. I’m quite excited about the display for this Christmas 🙂

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