That Endless Summer in Shangri-La, Singapore

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A couple of weeks back, we felt it necessary, almost urgent, to get out of the house, and just breathe. It’s been twenty-one months since our family took a break – from work, from school, from our daily routine. We recognised that we could no longer wait for Covid to be over, or shouldn’t even wait for the Holidays, to get those calming, healing breaths once again…

Sunrise at Shangrila Rasa Sentosa, Singapore, photo taken from the balcony of our room

In the past, whenever we’d need a short get-away seeking that endless-summer kind of break, we’d normally take the ferry to nearby Bintan Island in Indonesia or sometimes fly to Shangri-La Mactan in the Philippines.

This time, we were limited to what we had at home.

Sunset at the resort

Singapore, our home for the past 20 years, is known for many wonderful and beautiful things; but not for its beaches. The shores here are far from pretty especially when we think of the clear waters on the fine, white, sandy beaches of our neighboring countries.

In fact, Singapore has only one beachfront resort, luckily it’s Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa. Apart from the not-so-ideal beach for swimming, everything else in the resort was five-star. And these ‘everything else’ proved to be more than enough to give us the much-desired pause and relaxation.

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To give the four of us enough space during our stay (and to make sure we don’t cram in one room in case it rains -it rains a lot in Singapore in November you see), we booked two connecting rooms. Each room was decent in size and had a bathtub with a window that opens up to the bedroom, and a view that extends to the beach below. The youngest in our family enjoyed a good soak in the tub. He was tickled by the idea that he could see us watching TV while he was having a warm bubble bath.

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Each room in the resort has a balcony and ours were overlooking the sea and the pool. It was quite soothing to gaze upon the lights coming from the ships at night.

Scene from our balcony at twilight
Waking up to this, the sky’s pinkish hue is beautiful, isn’t it?
Taken from our room balcony at sunrise, 5 minutes apart

Because of Covid, the usual buffet in Singapore has become buffet-ala carte in the past months and this applies to all restaurants and hotels. Breakfast or dinner buffet in any Shangri-La is always good including the meals we had at the resort, but the new buffet experience wasn’t quite the same. (Please Covid, go away already!)

The buffet food came in small plates (that’s good, less food wastage). The restaurant was thoughtful to surprise hubby with another birthday cake as if the lovely whole cake that welcomed us in the room wasn’t enough hahaha… Thank you, Shangri-La.
There was a 2 person-per table limit during our stay. This was mine and my son’s breakfast spread. It’s all Asian but there were definitely loads of other options.

Now, I think the two main selling points of Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa are their expansive swimming pools and the resort being the only beachfront hotel in Singapore. The pool area is not only big with jacuzzi or kiddy pools, but it also has an adults-only corner (Yipee!). There was also a separate pool with three slides for children. No other hotels in Singapore can beat this.

Main pool
Kiddy pool with slides
Pool-side dining was super, doesn’t look much in this picture but they’re really good

A few steps away from the pool area was Siloso beach. The resort beachfront is closed to the public and is for the private use of guests only.

The beach wasn’t great for swimming but it was fun and relaxing to be out there. The water is best in the morning when it’s high tide and you could actually swim. We were there as early as 8am and I must say kayaking at that hour was rejuvenating! Towards the late afternoon, the water turns quite murky but still good for water sports or for building sandcastles.

This was the not-so-clear water I was saying. This was in the morning when it’s high-tide

I forgot to mention that during our stay, there were Covid safe-distance protocols like getting access bracelets before using the pool or the beach. This was the hotel’s way of managing the number of guests using the facilities.

I told my hubby that this green access bracelet was looking a lot better that day than a Love bracelet. 🙂

We did kayaking a couple of times and the stand-up paddleboard, too. They were free of charge. And hubby also went to Chi Spa for some massage, which he thought was fantastic.

I saw this wedding arrangement one morning. Lucky couple, no rain and the venue looked amazing.
Of course, we dined at Trapizza. We’ve been coming here for their pizza and pasta for almost 20 years. It’s by Shangri-La as well but located on Siloso beach, right outside the resort.

So, my favourite part of the resort was probably here. Just sitting on that bench, doing nothing. Thinking of nothing.

It was beautiful out here, especially at sunset.

Early morning

I’d say it was a successful escape – two peaceful nights and two lively, lovely days, something like a perfect endless summer…

Let me leave you with this short clip that I made… Hope you’ll feel peaceful…xoxo..

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    1. Hi there Tim! Thank you. I didn’t mean to wake up early on this holiday (yup I need to change that) but my son woke me up so early and lured me to get up with ‘oh mum, just look at the sunrise, it’s amazing’ but apparently it was just a ploy to get access to our ipad so that he could play games hahaha. But yah I’m just glad I got ‘fooled’ there.

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