Taal Volcano: Serenity in Escala Tagaytay

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Tagaytay City is a popular quick getaway destination by locals especially those coming from hot and humid Metro Manila. Tagaytay generally has a cooler climate as it sits high on a mountain ridge around 610 meters above sea level. It overlooks the Taal Lake, and the highly active and one of the smallest volcanoes in the world, the Taal Volcano.

Taal Lake and Taal Volcano on a foggy day, as seen from our room in Escala Tagaytay

Naturally, we wanted an accommodation that has a good view of the lake and volcano. My cousin recommended Escala Tagaytay.

It’s a medium-sized hotel but considered big in the area, and is one of the newer accommodations. It has a modern and open vibe especially in the lobby and breakfast area. The breakfast spread was immaculate! I could stay there all day and not be done with their delightful food.

We stayed in Escala for 3 days and we woke up one morning to find the hotel shrouded in thick fog. The fog was moving fast but we caught a bit of it in the clip below. Pretty amazing!

Cool and foggy morning in Tagaytay, taken in the balcony of our hotel room.

If you book a suite, you’d have a panoramic view of the volcano. We were fortunate to have been able to book one and I think it made the difference in our stay.

That’s me in the suite’s balcony. We booked the one on the highest level so we had an unblocked view of the lake
This was the suite with a big balcony and king-sized bed. It could also comfortably accommodate two extra beds. Photo credit: https://www.escalatagaytay.com/
That’s my cheeky boy Joaquin enjoying a bath

The best part of the suite was the spacious balcony, especially at sunset.

Balcony overlooking the volcano. That’s my mother in red.
My side of the family came with us. That’s my father and brother on the right side
Hubby and me, in awe of the serenity at sunset.
Basking in the colours of twilight
Sunset or sunrise? I think both are gorgeous here!

The traffic situation in Tagaytay could be pretty bad and so if you don’t wanna deal with that, it’d be great to be in a hotel that is a destination in itself, just like Escala. You could relax in the balcony, with a full view of the lake if you’re in a suite, or a partial view of the lake plus the entire pool if you’re in the deluxe room. Or you could walk to the nearby carnival which was quite fun as well.

The pool at Escala has an amazing view of the mountains and the lake below but it could easily get crowded. I think it’s rather small for the size of the hotel but if you go on a non-peak hour, I’d think having it to yourself is not impossible.

I bet they’re all wishing the pool was bigger
Foggy but not a bad view at all
Careful there, brother.
Foggy morning before typhoon Ursula arrives in Tagaytay. Yup it was day 2 on our stay when we met Ursula.
Must be nice to swim here at night. It’d be great if they’d make it heated in the future?

Will be posting about our hike to Taal Volcano next. –xoxo–

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  1. So awesome! I never heard of Escala before. I am happy to know that Tagaytay is now my new hometown in the PH but with Taal volcano grunting all the time I am worried too about our little property there. Still so nice to see Tagaytay from your photos. It is one of my favorite places in the PH.

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      1. I am not sure if my decision was right as it is at the time before covid hits the world hard. I never thought this would happen dati na kasi me SARS but it’s not this big diba? Anyway… it’s still good for investment but I really wanted to go back to Pinas na but afraid to do so. Quarantine both ways are costly and time consuming. Sayang lang.

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