Autumn, Pumpkins and Halloween in Singapore

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There’s really no autumn here.  We only have rain or shine.  But somehow, this doesn’t stop us from tasting a little bit of autumn in our Little Red Dot (that’s how we affectionately call Singapore).  But it’s not the red, orange or yellow falling leaves or the chilly breeze at night, though.  It’s the versatile pumpkins and a tad bit of Halloween!

Two weeks ago, my younger son and I visited the exhibit at Garden’s by the Bay themed ‘Autumn Harvest’.  The internationally-sourced pumpkins were adorable!  Enormous, tiny, shiny or wrinkled – we loved them all. 02

Can’t enough of this yellow farm truck and this little, sweet boy

Yes, they are real!

These ones, too.
Autumn Harvest at the Flower Dome of Gardens by the Bay

And is that Cinderella getting in the carriage?

Halloween is not a very big deal here in Singapore, but anything that is fun, our family is up for it.  Carving pumpkins is one of them.  We started with this family tradition 4 or 5 years ago when we realised that large, orange pumpkins are sold at the supermarkets.  My husband and the kids have been carving yearly ever since.

The kids would also decorate our home mostly with arts and crafts made by them.  There are some places, condominiums that organize Trick or Treat, but the one we love is the area around the Singapore American School.  The houses, many of them occupied by American families, join the fun and outrageously decorate their front yard with everything Halloween.

The biggest one that the boys have carved so far.
The twins

Getting artistic with arts and crafts at home,  creepy mansion and spider web at the main door

Spooky bats hanging from the chandelier, ghost origami and glow in the dark skeletons

Treats for the kids and the mother of all arachnids15

Joaquin in his red Star Wars monster costume
Selfie with the monsters

Like I’ve said, we don’t have autumn here in Singapore or a grand-scale Halloween, but with the little that we have, we are quite happy…


In the spirit of Halloween, you may also want to watch our family’s video at the spooky Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.


  1. Awesome Amor. I remember visiting Gardens by the Bay nearly a month ago now. I loved the Autumn festival…just beautiful, and I couldn’t get over how many real pumpkins there were on display. Your pumpkin carving looks very professional….you guys are getting right into the spirit of Halloween! Have a wonderful weekend . X

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  2. Love your carved pumpkins! We did the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Paris a couple of years ago. The biggest panic came when I dropped my glasses in the darkest part. I had to let go of F to look for them, which she was not pleased about!!

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    1. Thanks. The challenge with carving pumpkins here in Singapore is the high humidity and hot weather, quicker for the pumpkins to turn bad and moldy. Oh my! Looking for glasses in the dark and in a moving car sounds really challenging. I hope you found them, though?

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  3. i get inspired by your blog. keep doing it..this is only reminding me..happiness is in my hands to always bring excitement to our 3-member family 🙂 ❤ thx amor!

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  4. Omg this is so well written. Followed 🙂 I also aspire to spread awareness of neurological diseases through the love of FOOD in Singapore, Nigeria and other parts of the world 🙂 Do also check out my first post and read my blog at Here’s to a great friendship. Appreciate it ❤️


  5. Hey Amor! Isn’t it wonderful that to celebrate seasons in Singapore, we have to do it so creatively? One of the reasons I love Halloween (not the scary bits, though) – Pumpkins! I love the shape, colour, and well, eating it as well in all forms! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos from Gardens by the Bay!

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    1. That’s so true! It’s really amazing that we get to experience a little bit of the different seasons and cultures from various countries here in our own home. We have Gardens by the Bay, Nat’l Gallery, Art Science Museum, and many others to thank for. I wonder if they can bring a bit of the snow, too. 🙂

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