Melbourne: Four Points by Sheraton Melbourne Docklands

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It was just less than a week before the Australian Open and we were still scrambling to find an accommodation in Melbourne. Initially we were just looking at high- to mid-range hotels around the CBD, South Wharf and Melbourne Park areas, but nada. Our visas and tickets to the tennis grand slam were all in place, but no room, not even at the prestigious Crown Towers where Roger Federer stays for the event.

When it became apparent that we would not find a room with our specifications in these areas, we expanded our search to include hotels and apartments in the vicinity of Docklands. It’s considered an inner suburb but really it’s just 2 kilometres away from the CBD. We said we’d take any accommodation as long as it was clean, modern and along the route of Tram 70, the train that goes directly to Rod Laver Arena.

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Ah and there it is, Four Points by Sheraton Melbourne Docklands!

Although it wasn’t in the league of Crown Towers, or Hilton Melbourne South Wharf (now Pan Pacific) where we stayed at previously and which we absolutely loved, Four Points met everything in our criteria.

The first/last stop of Tram 70 was just in front of the hotel. It was built only in 2017 so it was practically brand new. And we are Marriot members. Perfect!

Tram stop in front of Four Points

We wanted a 2 queen room, but it’s no longer available and we couldn’t afford to be choosy anymore. We got the king deluxe studio instead, and it turned out great.

Main room of the studio
There was a living area with a sofa set and a few other chairs
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Here’s the favourite reading spot of Joaquin in the living area. Sunset across the Yarra River could also be seen from here.
Here’s the bathroom.
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Minimalist and functional. Quite spacious too.
The lobby was simple and modern. We realised that SQ and Thai air crew stay here as well. They were there when we checked-in.
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Best part of the hotel? The heated pool and jacuzzi. Joaquin took advantage of them almost everyday!
You could see the Yarra River from the pool area
Beautiful sunset from the pool area. The boys were enjoying the jacuzzi here.

Behind the hotel was the New Quay Promenade where you could find a number of restaurants. Joaquin and I had dinner there one time. Read here

In front of the hotel was The District, an open-concept shopping mall where you could find an array of restaurants. We had a few meals there and went grocery shopping at Woolsworth, too. Joaquin has severe food allergies so having a few good choices of eating places and a grocery nearby was a plus.

New Quay Promenade behind the hotel. Marvel Stadium wasn’t far away too.
Oh my gosh, the pancakes and French toast at The Pancake Parlour in The District were sooo nice! We ate there twice.
The breakfast menu at Cocobei, just a few blocks from the hotel, was also good. Too bad they’ve closed permanently last year. 😦

So, would we recommend Four Points, Docklands to friends? Yes. And if hotels at South Wharf are again fully booked, we’d be happy to stay here again.

Pros: quiet, waterfront, away from the crowd, clean hotel, Marriot brand, heated pool

Cons: not walking distance to Australian Open, we had to take a taxi on 2 nights because there were no trams anymore

This is the last blog for our Australian Open series and I’ll leave you with a sunset photo which I took from the hotel pool area…


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  1. How delightful! A spacious, luxurious room with a spectacular view — and a great-looking breakfast, too. This is my kind of travel — although it’s a splurge for us. Thanks so much for posting. I feel as if we’ve been there!

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    1. Thanks Rusha for the kind words. We love Melbourne too. I feel that it’s quite relaxing there compared to other cities. And I think that’s the good thing about getting a room that’s not in middle of the CBD (this was less than 2km away), we paid a lot less for this one. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

          1. The Alps (Central Europe) and within the UK.
            I felt quite ill after my vaccine, more so than when I actually got Covid a year ago. Everyone does though seem to have differing side-effects or none at all, so hopefully you will be just fine after yours. Best wishes.

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  2. Melbourne looks so lovely – I have yet to visit and it is good to get a taster from your posts!

    Have been thinking of you and your family – hope you are all doing well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks JuLyn. We’re all good. Happily exploring our Little Red Dot. The NS son had his vaccine and my hubby and I will have our 2nd dose next week. Hope you’re all good as well!


  3. Hi where are you based now? all these traveling around got me confused haha! Our last time in Melbourne Docklands was back in July 2019 and January 2020 (coming from the UAE and Switzerland) before the pandemic. I am missing traveling outside NZ but I am too afraid to do so though there are a few cities in OZ that we can travel quarantine free (without covid) still I am afraid to get stuck in another country plus the fact that financially it will be a shock on my wallet haha! Take care!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi V! Still based here in Singapore. Melbourne was our last travel before the pandemic hits. Yah better to stay put ka muna there in NZ. Sabi ko nga sa husband ko, if there is one place I’d want to go after Covid, NZ siguro. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. TY but we now have Delta in our shores. Nakapasok from Sydney. Pressure from politics and economy that the govt opened our borders to Australians. Personally I knew this would happen coz it happened before last year. People are now angry why the govt opened the borders for yes millions of dollars in the tourism industry but now covid came back I am sure IF we don’t get through this billions of dollars will be lost. Not worth the trouble opening the borders really.

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