Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa: Endless Summer

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I’m sure we’re not the only ones who kept coming back.  When it comes to beach resorts in Cebu, Philippines, we’ve stuck with Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa.  This was our 3rd time in the resort and for each visit, our post-trip review was the same – awesome!

Great beach, five-star service, immaculate room and scrumptious food.  Always an unforgettable time in a seemingly endless summer.

Here are some of the pictures and the two videos I created from our most recent visit (summer 2019).

Fishes in the shallow waters, great for small children.IMG_3619

Lookout for Joaquin’s somersault in the video! Watch this if you want to know what beautiful beach is like in the Philippines.

Spot the eels, boxfish, giant clams and sword fish in the next video.


Happy hour 🙂


Low-tide at the beach


It’s safe to take a walk at night within the resort.


Stargazing, fish-spotting


Beach-side food and juices


Outdoor or indoor breakfast, your choice!  


Gotta have Philippine mangoes 3x a day and it starts with breakfast.  It’s a must! 


Seafood bar at Tides restaurant buffet for that special person in our lives.


Did I mention that Shangri-la makes good desserts?


That T-bone in Acqua restaurant! Yum!!!


Family room at the Main Wing building


Family at the lobby, ready to head back to Singapore.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hop on our previous posts on Shangrila Mactan.  I’m sure I’ve enumerated there the many reasons why we kept coming  to this resort.  And who knows, it could be your beach on repeat as well. 🙂

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    1. Hi there Charlie! This trip was from last summer. Ah, let me put that in the post. I’ve been notoriously late at doing my blog. But yeah, as much as we love winter and snow, we also enjoy the beach. We try to go once or twice a year, have some sand under our feet, and just relax, letting the waves carry our worries away. 🙂

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    1. This is your kind of thing, Snow! It is an endless summer in there. It’s has beautiful white sand. They have a coral rehabilitation program and so there are lots of fish even in the shallow waters. It’s a resort in the Philippines that I always recommend to friends here in Singapore who are somewhat concern with safety. Security in Shangrila’s tight and the beach is very private. And they also have two rescue boats in the snorkelling area. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I’ve lived there the first half of my life but I’ve not been to many places there yet. But definitely the beaches there are beautiful. We went to another island some years ago and we we got to swim with sea turtles. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Vinneve! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂 That’s sineguelas in Tagalog (Philippines) and apparently called Spanish plum in English. I’m glad you asked because I didn’t know the English name for that either hahah. I just went over to your blog and I’m glad to know you’re based in NZ. We love NZ. We’ve only been to South Island, and wow, it took our breath away. 🙂 — Amor

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      1. Hi it’s been a long time since I have tasted that sineguelas thanks for telling me! I miss a lot of fruits in the PH that sadly some are now gone in the market. Please visit NZ again someday soon!

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    1. Do you remember what time of the year it was? We went in June and a few times in December. I love the calmness of the water in December. Did you snorkel to the platform? The water there is always clean but quite deep.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. You could be right. The water in June is not as clear as in December. Shang Mactan is lovely in December. We were there once during NYE. There was a masquerade ball and after that the countdown was at the beach. The fireworks were reflecting on the water. Quite unforgettable. And the best part is, they managed to keep the event family-oriented. It was in my blog from a few years ago, if you’d like to see. 🙂

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