Albay Province: Downtime at Misibis Bay Resort

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It was time. Get some sand on our feet and sun on our shoulders!

We continued our road trip, driving south of Albay to Misibis Bay Resort in the island of Cagraray for 3 days of downtime.

Do read below to know our family’s impression of the resort. Meanwhile, here’s our time in Misibis in pictures…

We stayed at the ground floor of this chalet. One bedroom with 2 twin beds, living, dining and a spacious bathroom
This was the nightly twilight view from the veranda of our chalet. I must say that sunsets in Misibis were pretty amazing.
Main pool
Walkway to the beach. Quite photogenic right?
But the beach was… 😦 Let’s just say we did not really swim here. We couldn’t. Don’t get me wrong the beach wasn’t dirty, but it wasn’t nice – sharp stones and seashells plus murky water.
That’s three days scratching our heads wondering why the TripAdvisor reviews on the beach were high 😦
But we did some kayaking. We still had to do something in the resort right, instead of just looking forward to the next part of our road trip.
And oh sunsets there were beautiful, so we made sure to be hanging out here or walking around the shore till the sun went down.

We’ve established on day 1 that we could not bring ourselves to swim in the private beach of the resort, and it wasn’t that relaxing in the chalet either. But we didn’t give up. We were persistent in finding beauty and relaxation even if it meant going out of the main private beach.

And we found this…

We came here twice to get some sand on our feet and sun on our shoulders. Still far from fine white sand, and the water was deep, but it was a lot better than the beach at the main resort.
It’s called Misibis Bay Marina, which is also managed by the resort. It’s less than a kilometer from the main resort and it’s where the guests would normally snorkel, but the current was strong during our visits so we couldn’t.
And, there were no life guards on boats around so we did not dare go snorkelling. But it’s such a pretty sight, isn’t it?
Nobody else was there, I don’t know if the other guests knew that the marina exists.

The boys had asked to cut our stay in the resort short (first time that this has happened during a beach holiday) but I said maybe we could just explore the rest of the island.

So on our third day there, we drove to a (steep) hill nearby to check out the Cagraray Eco-Energy Park…

The zip line wasn’t working yet because it was damaged by the typhoon, so we just hung around the nearby clearing.
The boys played frisbee and hubby tried to fly his drone
We had a mini picnic there too
It was beautiful up on the hill with the sea below
And a few hundred meters away was a chapel (Stela Maris Chapel)
With this amazing view!
The eco-park briefly took our minds off the disappointing beach at the resort, and in this picture, we really were just looking forward to the next day when we continue with our road trip.

Now, would we recommend Misibis Bay Resort to friends?

I’m very sorry but it has to be a ‘No’.

  • Let me compliment the staff first because we felt that they were really trying their best to make our stay better. Also, the food was good, although there was only one restaurant in the resort.
  • The beach was disappointing for us.
  • The chalet, too. It was spacious and maybe okay when it was new, but during our visit, it needed some upgrade especially the curtains. We did not find it relaxing and my OCD tendencies got triggered at some point.
  • The resort also has a hotel nearer the beach, could it have been better there? But we chose the chalet because we wanted a big space.
  • We couldn’t understand all the hype about Misibis and positive reviews in the internet. The boys said that it was literally a ‘down’ time for them.
  • It was unfair but difficult not to compare with Shangri-la Mactan Resort in Cebu, Philippines, because we were just there a few months earlier for a summer beach holiday and we had a fantastic time. I told the boys that to be fair, they shouldn’t be expecting 5* anyway because Misibis (PHP10-15K per night/SGD420 ) was half the price of Shangri-la.
  • The marina was beautiful but a neglected part of the resort. It could easily be the main attraction if they put facilities in place – like lifeguards on a boat like in Shangri-la Mactan, towel counter, a bar where guests could quench their thirst or get a bite.
  • There are other activities that the resort offers, maybe these would make the stay there worthwhile. We wanted to rent a boat for a sunset cruise or picnic in another island but we couldn’t because the water was too choppy for these activities. Here’s the link,
  • The resort is photogenic, so if it’s pictures you’re after, then you wouldn’t mind staying there. For us it’s the beach, the room/chalet, so no.
  • If we have to go again (but I don’t think so), one night or a day trip would be enough. We were there 3 nights and 3 full days. It felt too long. On the fourth day, we drove out right after a very early breakfast, excited to leave and move on to our next adventure.

Here are some pictures of the chalet:

The hotel

Other snaps:

I found more than 3 dozens of this in my DSRL after our road trip. Joaquin embarrassingly admitted that he took them when he got bored because he couldn’t swim. Hahaha something came out nice out of boredom!

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    1. Thank you for reading. I hope I didn’t say so many not so good things about the resort 😦

      We initially planned on going to Caramoan (not Misibis) but I couldn’t get any response (email /phone) from the people supposedly managing the resort where they shot Survivor. Sayang, I think the beach there is a lot better. My friend went to Carmoan twice and she said ang ganda.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Caramoan (and Calaguas) are my dream destinations but been stalling on them for some time as they’re quite a long drive away, and we still can’t decide on where to leave the car to get to the islands.
        I heard about Misibis from a friend who raves about it but the call of Caramoan and Calaguas is stronger so I’m happy to have virtually travelled to Misibis thru your blog.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes yes do go to Caramoan. Sounds more promising. 🙂
          I don’t think we would ever go back to Misibis. We did not swim in their beach at all and on our 2nd day we seriously thought of cutting our stay there. Sayang our 3 nights there.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. We tried to justify it too with the typhoon. But it was just bad. Too difficult to walk on the shore. We were in Boracay (in the Philippines too) during a typhoon, but the shore remained beautiful. The shores in Bintan were a lot more beautiful than in Misibis 😦


  1. You and family are indeed traveling happy as you all looked it. Beautiful place sis though I get your point about the resort. I wonder what happens now that 2 typhoon came? Are you still in the PH? stranded or staying for good? Stay safe. Till next time. I just been to WP today only. See you in YT.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Vinneve, thanks for reading my post. Sana they could add more things to do in the resort kasi di talaga maganda maligo sa beach nila. Oh yah I also read about the recent typhoons in the area, sana makabawi agad and province. 🙂


      Liked by 1 person

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