Lower Peirce Reservoir, Stillness at Sunset

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I’d consider our family active. We jog, play tennis and take walks together. We love the outdoors. Even on holidays abroad, they’re always on our itinerary. I do Pilates and yoga almost every day mainly to keep my heart healthy. My cardio says whatever I’m doing, they seem to be working because my blood pressure has gone down over the years and has stabilised.

Movement is vital for our family.

But I know so is stillness…

I hope she won’t mind that I took this photo. This has been an inspiration to me. She’s got a thick book in one hand and a can of beer in the other. So perfect!
“Let’s just take it slow,” wisest words from hubby

One fine evening we went to Lower Peirce Reservoir. It’s one of the beautiful nature reserves here in Singapore and which many visit for its hiking trails and gorgeous sunsets.

We walked for a bit, did the Bamboo Trail, but night was fast approaching.

“Let’s just take it slow,” wise words from my hubby. And so by the water, we slowed down, sat, and just watched the sky change colours.

Here are some of the photos I took during our short walk, right before we bathed in the stillness at sunset.

Boardwalk where all the hiking trails start
No barriers, gotta be cautious
Forest walk or forest bathing is beneficial, we’ve gotten to know the importance of this during Covid
Towering trees along the trail
Grateful for moments we are still
There is strength in stillness

Useful websites on his park and forest bathing:

Nparks website on directions and park hours

Trail map

Benefits of walking in the forest or forest bathing

Grateful for PM Lee Kwan Yue’s vision of a ‘garden city’


  1. Such a beautiful nature walk and sunset for your family to enjoy together! I love sunsets, we go almost every day now that we live by the lake. 🙂

    Happy trails to you!

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    1. Oh Carmen, it’s wonderful and such a privilege to do those sunset walks, right? Would you post yours, too? I have not been to Canada but I know you have nice sunsets (and snow and flowers and lakes, how I wish I could go there, especially in the spring or autumn). 🙂

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  2. I really like how you all roll … lots of activity on one hand, but also time for stillness & reflection!
    Your walk makes me want to visit Lower Pierce – haven’t been in a very long time. I love your inspiring “lepak” capture of book & beer by the waterside!

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    1. Yah such a perfect thing to do right? I was telling my hubby, she probably does it often – sit there at sunset, read just a few lines from her book, make sure she has a cold beer too (it was Asahi). I want to do that too, but I should maybe first buy a chair like that at Decathlon hahaha!


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