Shangri-la’s Mactan Resort & Spa (3)

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Food, Party and Fireworks

I had the most relaxing time during our holiday at Shangri-la Mactan in the Philippines because I did not have to think so much about Joaquin’s peanut and fish allergies.  The resort could very well cater to our family’s food restrictions.  At breakfast or lunch they would ask, “What can we cook for your son today?”  For me, that was very important because that meant I did not have to bring my own pot, which I always do during our trips.

Pandesal (local soft bread) and cheese for breakfast

Buffet breakfast is usually served at Tides, a restaurant in the Main Wing of the resort.  I remember being spoilt for choices.  There was an extensive spread of Filipino, Asian and other international cuisines.  They have a separate breakfast corner for kids too.

Fresh pancake art for Joaquin
I had this every single breakfast – suman, sikwate (thick chocolate drink/syrup), and puto maya topped with young coconut meat and slices of mango
Tri-color: wheat grass drink, tablea tsokolate and ube ice cream
Specially-made pasta for Joaquin, and Benjamin enjoying his Filipino food during lunch at Tides Restaurant
Creative and absolutely delicious Western and Filipino desserts
Mangoes for dessert, or main course 🙂

One night we had an al fresco dinner at Cowrie Cove, a seafood restaurant in the resort by the sea.  The ambiance was calm, there was a light breeze, and I remember the atmosphere being perfect for dinner under the stars.

Some parts of the sea around the restaurant were lighted that they made the water look like a big aquarium.  After dinner, we played the game of ‘I Spy’ spotting colourful fishes in the sea and constellations in the sky.

Dinner at Cowrie Cove

Joaquin enjoyed Acqua the most.  It’s an Italian restaurant located in the Ocean Wing which he said served the best Hawaiian pizza.  Euben said their vongole is also the best one he has ever tasted.  I had truffle pasta in white sauce and Benjamin had carbonara.  The portions were just right so you may want to order a dish of each one.

The meals at the resort were not very cheap though and so perhaps allocate some budget for this.  Don’t worry, you’re gonna love the food there.  Otherwise, there are also other restaurants (seafood, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, etc) not far from the resort.


I think I’ve mentioned in my previous blog that this holiday was almost impromptu so we did not get to check the events at the resort.  We were pleasantly surprised that at the time of our visit, during New Year’s Eve, there was a masquerade ball and a NY’s countdown.

Masquerade Ball teaser at the breakfast table
Underdressed for the Ball but not for the countdown party
Pre-countdown cocktails at the lobby
Cheers Joaquin, don’t get drunk.

The countdown was held at The Marquee right after the Ball.   They provided masks, glittered hats, clappers and the likes.  There was a cocktail buffet and unlimited drinks, but most of all there was a band and a super energetic host that keep the guests entertained till midnight.

14 (2)
Photo op before the countdown
The Marquee was elegantly decorated to welcome the New Year

16Five minutes after the countdown, the guests were led to the beach for the fireworks display.  There was that cool December breeze and that wonderful feeling of anticipation.

Everyone waiting for the fireworks

For 15 or 20 minutes, the fireworks lit up the sky and the water below…18

Fireworks are always pretty for me, but against the water, they were dramatic, beautiful and of course romantic.19

And there we were – our family of four, enjoying, hopeful and looking forward to more adventures together.

Cheers to family!


Here are Part 1 and Part 2 of my Shangri-la Mactan series.


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