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Not Our Ordinary Christmas Eve

Day 15.  We woke up to this weather that Christmas Eve morning…

View from our window

It was snowing and blowing but the fun continued for those people out in the snow.

Like I said in my previous blog, there were snowstorms in Squaw Valley almost every week that winter and that week we were there was no exception.03

Everything was covered in snow; it made a white Christmas real for us.03

Although Joaquin was still feeling unwell from his stomach flu and the rest of us were still sleepy from taking care of him, we managed to bring ourselves to the table for breakfast.  Breakfast came with our accommodation.  I don’t have pics of their breakfast spread here but, Resort at Squaw Creek really did know how to serve a good one.04

What a delight to see Santa there and chatting with the boys on Christmas Eve.

“What’s your Christmas wish my boy?”

Joaquin was still suffering from stomach flu and so we brought him to the clinic at Squaw Valley.  They also allowed us to postpone, without penalty, our family ski lesson.  It was actually a blessing in disguise because with that weather that day, we didn’t think we would appreciate the mountain.

Still all smiles after the clinic and despite the biting cold wind

It was snowing hard but honestly, I liked it. We don’t have this in Singapore after all.  While waiting for the shuttle we could hear muffled explosions. They were blasting the snow that got dumped in the mountains overnight, we guessed, to avoid an avalanche.

Benjamin trying to find his way to the free shuttle that would take us back to the hotel

Back at Squaw Creek, and before we went inside the hotel, we took a few minutes to play ruin the ‘pancakes’.  That’s how Euben called these cute piles of snow.08

“Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”  

This song summed up our emotions that morning.


Back in our room, we could only look outside our window, at the people skiing down the hill and those sledding down the slopes.09


We took the chance to get some sleep.  We felt lucky that our room was spacious for four people.  Aside from the wide picture-windows and comfortable living area, it also has a kitchenette and a 4-seater dining set.

By the looks on his face, I’d say Benjamin was enjoying his job

In the afternoon, Euben and Benjamin went to scrape snow off our rented car while Joaquin and I relaxed at the lobby, listening to Christmas carols.  It was Christmas Eve and despite the stomach flu, we still loved Christmas.

Country Christmas music at the lobby

I made a Christmas Eve dinner reservation at Six Peaks Grill restaurant months in advance.  It was going to be our first 6-course meal with the kids and the restaurant said they can accommodate Joaquin’s peanut and fish allergy.  Unfortunately, Joaquin can’t eat proper food yet so we had to cancel.  Squaw Creek was very kind to change our reservation to Christmas Day dinner instead, but since Six Peaks was already fully booked, they got us their other restaurant instead.

Rosy cheeks after scraping off the snow on the car

Back in our room, we had our real Christmas Eve dinner.

Salted mommy-cooked porridge for Joaquin, spaghetti and leftover chicken for the rest of us – it wasn’t much but it turned out enough…

Christmas blessing

That was one Christmas Eve we will always cherish – basic food, cheap wine from the small grocer, Jewel and Justin Bieber singing Christmas songs on TV and the warmth of the fire…

They were perfect.  Our small family was humbled, grateful and deeply happy.


On my next blog, our adrenaline-pumping adventure started… Stay tuned!


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