Obergurgl: Hohe Mut Alm Mountain Restaurant

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2nd day in the Austrian Alps…

Perched on a ridge 2670m above sea level and surrounded by dramatic mountain peaks, Hohe Mut Alm restaurant is a destination in itself.  It was the venue of our first mountain hut meal in Austria’s Tirol region.

21 of these peaks surround the restaurant

From the base of the Hohe Mut piste, we took the first gondola and then the second to reach the restaurant.  Throughout the ride, we marvelled at how magnificent the Alps was.  (Here’s a short video of our gondola ride and visit to Hohe Mut Alm)

Hungry kids after their snowboarding lesson

The first thing that caught our attention when we arrived was the playground.  It was amazing to see facilities for kids like this on such a remote and high place.  There were some barriers though not throughout, so my hubby and I had to be alert the entire time.

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 10.39.10 AM
Guess who reached the playground first, Joaquin or his Dad? 🙂
See no barriers here. ‘Stop right there, Joaquin.’

For a mountain restaurant, Hohe Mut Alm impressed us with premium-quality food. They serve traditional Tirolean dishes but on that particular lunch we opted for good ol’ pasta dishes and beef goulash.F9A7BF87-E19A-408B-96D7-527499C39316

The restaurant has a few seating areas and the first one that greeted us was alfresco, but the biting cold prevented us from sitting there.  The other one was also outdoor, behind the hut, but with higher glass walls to defend its diners from the strong wind.  That was our choice.  There were also plenty of tables inside where it was warmer and cozy.

Alfresco dining at Hohe Mut

We had some more time after lunch so we went to the playground again and took a few more pictures before heading back to the village.

I remember that I lost my beanie that day, so I used my grey neck warmer for my head. 🙂

Here’s a video of our visit to Hohe Mut Alm.  Enjoy watching!

Our visit to Hohe Mut Alm was during our 2nd day in the Austrian Alps (Day 7 of our 18-day holiday).

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