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Days 6 – 13 of 18.   We booked our accommodation in Obergurgl in August and I can tell you that looking for one wasn’t easy.  Not many were available anymore for the date of our visit – Dec 22 to 29, peak period for Christmas holiday skiing (or snowboarding in our case).  According to a British mother whom I chatted with, her family usually books around March or April to be able to get the hotel or chalet they want.  She said that this small, beautiful ski town is popular among British skiers and families who are loyal visitors of Obergurgl during the winter.

I remember it was a Sunday afternoon that day.  My eyes were beginning to tire as I desperately searched the internet.  I then found a chalet – a luxury apartment with one room, a living area, a balcony and a full kitchen.  I saw that it also had a newly installed swimming pool, and that did it for us.  Fifteen minutes, it must have been the quickest time that I decided on an accommodation, especially one that would be for 7 nights and 8 days!  The apartment turned out an excellent choice.  I was extremely pleased and I highly recommend it.DSC_0898 3

The pool that sealed the deal.  Photo courtesy of Manuel Ribis https://www.chaletobergurgl.at/en

After 3 and a half hours of travel from Salzburg, we reached Obergurgl around 12 pm.  Check-in was swift.  Herr Manuel Ribis, our host and the owner of the chalet, warmly welcomed us at the reception.

Our kids burst into the apartment and thanked me.  They liked it very much.  Joaquin said he liked the view from the balcony. For Benjamin it was the big space and the TV.  For me, I liked that it was away from the action and yet near enough that we could walk to it.  I also liked that it was close to the mountains and that we could wake up to the sight of falling snow because it had big glass doors in both our bedroom and the living area.  My husband was pleased, too, he said that I had outdone myself once again…

On Christmas Eve morning, we found this bottle with an invitation to a gathering with the rest of the guests in chalet.  So hospitable of Manuel to do this.
There was a balcony outside the living area. And another outside the kitchen and which extends all the way to the bedroom.  This was the view from our bedroom.
Look at that, Joaquin just couldn’t wait to check out the view. The moment we entered the apartment he went to the balcony and stayed there, in his tees! It’s cold, buddy!
I wish I had a better photo of this.  This was our daily view from the balcony outside the kitchen.
 This stream runs parallel to our chalet and every time I looked at it, it never failed to charm me.
This was our apartment. The sofa was converted into a double bed for our two kids.  Photo courtesy of Manuel Ribis https://www.chaletobergurgl.at/en
This was our room.  There was actually more space than what I captured in this picture, and there were two of that door that lead to the balcony.  I loved that we could wake up and see the falling snow from the glass doors.

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This was the dining area next to the kitchen
This wasn’t our apartment but ours had a kitchen similar to that. Photo courtesy of Manuel Ribis https://www.chaletobergurgl.at/en
IMG_8665 2
Ooh that was me! It was most soothing to relax in this pool after a whole day out in the bitter cold. 
It was peak season during our stay but the pool never got crowded.  Joaquin was a regular guest to the pool. 🙂
There was a glass window in the pool where we could see the mountains outside and the falling snow. 
This was with Manuel during the Christmas Eve gathering that he organized for his guests. 
DSC_0653 3
Ah, our kids walking out of the chalet, ready for another day of adventures.
This was the bus stop a few steps away from the chalet.
This was road from the chalet to the centre of the village, the church and ski lifts.
We frequented this grocery near the chalet.
We got to cook in the apartment too. Rice, noodles, eggs and Spam – a holiday tradition now according to our kids, especially on a cold snowy night.

Here are some pictures of that day when we traveled from Salzburg to Ötztal to Obergurgl:

At Salzburg Hauptbahnhof.  Pardon the puffy eyes, it was rather early when we travelled from Salzburg to Oburgurgl 🙂
This was at the Salzburg Hauptbahnhof
Nice sceneries on the train from Salzburg to Otztal
This one, too.
It was drizzling when we arrived in Otztal. 
Behind this building were the train tracks.

Other info about the apartment:

  1. It is about 700 meters to the Hohe Mut Bahn 1 run where our kids had their snowboarding lessons.
  2. It is close to Pizzeria Belmonte where the pizzas and pastas were sooo good!
  3. There are high-end snow apparel and gear shops along the way from the apartment to the town centre.
  4. The chalet looks rustic from the outside but gorgeously modern inside the apartments.
  5. Manuel could arrange transportation to and from Innsbruck or Otztal Bahn.

How we got to Obergurgl:

From Salzburg, we boarded Railjet, the express train service of Austria. It was 2 hour and 14 minutes all the way to Otztal Bahnhof.  From there, we were picked up by a private van that we pre-booked. The drive to Obergurgl was an hour.

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