MacRitchie Reservoir Walking Trail

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…that left me with a half-dead toenail. But hey it’s not the park’s fault, it was entirely mine.

We planned for a 3-km relaxing walk that morning but ended up doing eleven. We normally would just chill by the entrance of the reservoir and soak in the tranquility of the place but that day we decided to walk to the right of the park and when we realised that we’d walked quite a bit, we were already at the far end of the nature reserve.

And so we decided to continue, do Route 6 (yellow trail), the entire loop. Let’s tramp!

MacRitchie, or Central Catchment Nature Reserve, is the country’s oldest reservoir. It is right in the center of Singapore and holds a rich diversity of plants and animals. Speaking of animals, we had an uncomfortably close encounter with a family of wild boars (!) which crossed right in front of our eyes (!!). The parent boars were huge and they let out low, intimidating growls when they realised that two of their several babies couldn’t cross because we were in their way. We’ve also come across a monitor lizard, a green crested lizard, a squirrel, spiders and marching ants. Oh thank God, no snakes.

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Anyway, with its peaceful reservoir, shaded footpath and relatively easy trails, MacRitchie is a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts. It could get crowded sometimes, but I dare say, there’s a space for everyone.

In terms of difficulty, route 6 is classified as a moderate
Leaving the footpath for a bit to check out the reservoir
Between Windsor Nature Park and Treetop Walk is the Ranger Station where you could find the toilets and water refill fountain
Murky stream along the trail
Ample reminders throughout the elevated footpath
Watch out!
Green crested lizard
Flying golf balls alert at SICC golf course right beside one part of the hiking trail
My favourite part is the Jering Trail boardwalk, which comes toward the end of the entire loop, probably the last 30-45 minutes

About the toenail, it turned out my shoes were a bit too small and my socks too thin. It will take a few months to get rid of the purple evidence on my toe but I think it was worth it. xoxo


Useful websites about this walking trail:

Check out the map here

Website of Nparks for directions, park hours, and other information

VisitSingapore website for more info

Wild boars in Singapore


    1. Hi there Sandy! Yeah this reserve is good, it’s been featured in a few documentaries of Sir Attenborough. Ah the toe nail’s bad. It’s taking it a long time to get the purple thing out, ended up putting nail polish to conceal it.

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  1. One of our favourite running loops – I know what you mean though, even on days when we plan a shorter run, we get to our supposed turnaround point, and think: we’ve already made it all the way here, might as well just keep going around!

    Have you seen any wild boar? We have seen them quite a number of times and usually in the same place, so we approach that strip with some caution. We’ve sighted babies, adolescents as well as giants!

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    1. Oh my gosh! We met the entire family. They just crossed without warning – right behind our son, and in front of us. Good thing our son just kept walking. When my hubby and I thought that they’d all crossed, we started walking to follow our son. We didn’t realise that two of the babies (sized like small puppies) were left behind on the other side. So we were basically walking in between the mum (I think, it was huge!!) plus some babies, and the other two babies that got left behind. The mum let out a growl (more like a cry), it was very scary. I don’t know if we would ever hike on that side again. You’re so brave, you keep walking there.


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