Singapore’s Coney Island Park

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I should be embarrassed to say this, but I’ve only been to two of the offshore islands here in Singapore (apparently there are more!). The first one, which our family visits a few times a year is a tourist attraction, Sentosa. The other one, which I’ve visited only once, was the rugged, further-out island of Pulau Ubin.

In our desire for new outdoor activities and in the spirit of exploring more of our home (and I suppose the lack of outbound travel as well), we got to know a third island (thanks to my fitspo sister). Coney Island Park, essentially a park, is a small, rustic island off the northeastern coast of the country. The island is inhabited only by animals and plants, no people, no electricity, no piped water supply.

Short bridge to the west park entrance.

We kicked off with our little adventure from The Punggol Settlement, where we rented our bikes. The entrance to park was just a few meters away and connected by a short bridge from the main island.

Monkeys ‘guard’ the entrance (west entrance). There were too many of them that afternoon and they seemed too aggressive to be considered cute. They scared me. The otters fighting for a fish (ON by the bridge) on the other hand, were adorable.

West entrance from Punggol Settlement

It was like going back in time in the island. It was wonderful! I was in awe by the large, colourful butterflies that seemed to be abundant there. Surprising to me was the varied vegetation in the area, with towering trees called casuarinas, and which because of their resemblance to pine trees, reminded me of the vampire movie series, Twilight.

We cycled for just about an hour and could not finish the entire trail because it was getting dark and the park would be closing soon.

It was an active but relaxing experience for the family, but we’d walk instead of bike next time. That should give the kids and hubby more time to stop and explore, and me to take pictures…

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Here’s the usual gang, sweat dripping but still smiling. It was difficult to keep up with the kids, they take biking too seriously.
(Gotta buy helmets though if we’d go biking again, definitely ‘no-helmet no-biking’ next time)
With the sistah and her bike. She’s the one who takes biking to another level. She bikes around Singapore for hours! “60kms!” she bragged one time!
My sistah patiently biking behind (and filming) me. See the boys were out of sight already.
Much needed quick stop. I wish we’d stop longer but we need to leave the island soon. Apparently the gate closes at 7pm.
Uhm this would have been a good family photo right if my sis included our upper bodies? Hahahah
Here we just got back to the main island. Focus on the clouds and sunset now.
Gorgeous sky as we leave Punggol area back to our home.

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  1. Oh, the video of you on the bike made me want to join you in all that green loveliness of your surroundings. It looks like a fabulous day out and biking is one of my favourite things to do. You guys look fit! 🙂 xxx


    1. Hi there Amanda! Thanks for visiting my blog which I have not paid attention to for so many weeks/months. I hope I’d be able to visit WordPress more again starting today. 🙂

      I actually thought that those trees were pines, apparently not. Have you been to Singapore? It’s amazing that we have those pockets of nature trails just a few steps away from the city 🙂 and now that the weather is cooler, hopefully, my family could visit the place one more time.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you for asking Amanda, I still want to keep writing (and reading in WordPress), I just couldn’t find time in the past months because I was so busy with so many things (including trying to be a fitness coach for my kid hahaha) … But I need to keep my sanity, and WordPress is honestly a good outlet for me. So I’d better write again, soon. Hoping to get one blog out this week. 🙂


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