Mount Mayon: ATV Summit Trail Video – All the Way Up

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So, last weekend I found the time to do a video clip of our severely rough but thrilling ATV adventure to Mayon Volcano. This should have accompanied my earlier post on Mount Mayon but I didn’t think I’d be doing the video at all.

Anyway, unlike most Mayon ATV rides where they go around the base of the mountain or just to the 2006 lava flow, this takes you to both AND all the way to the highest point that the ATVs could climb on the volcano (halfway up the crater!).

I hope you’ll get to the last bit of the clip, because I thought that’s the best part – the calm and stillness on the mountain after the adrenaline rush from the bumpy ATV ride 🙂

Enjoy watching! 🙂

Up-close Mount Mayon (Halfway up to the crater)

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