Easy Sunday Morning in Lake Yamanaka and Lake Kawaguchi

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Lavender, daisies and hydrangeas.  Calm lake.  Translucent blue sky.  Biking, laughing and ice cream melting.  

It was like that in Mount Fuji last summer.  Easy.  Like a Sunday morning the entire day… 

Our holiday in Japan kicked off with a road trip to Mount Fuji, hiking in Ochudo Trail and camping in Lake Yamanaka.  But the most relaxing time we had was probably that Sunday morning when we cycled around Lake Yamanaka and the afternoon spent wandering in the parks of Lake Kawaguchi.

But I’ll let our short video tell you the story of that simple but beautiful day.  I hope you’ll enjoy watching!  Don’t forget to smile and be hopeful as you listen to my favourite Beatles song that accompanies our video. 🙂

DSC_0639 2

DSC_0524 2

DSC_0442 2Here are the other posts on our family’s 2018 Japan summer stories:

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  1. The lead photo took my breath away, Amor. The photos and the video say that it must have been the kind of holiday you carry in your hearts long after it’s over. I spy lavender ice cream in the video and absolutely adore the hydrangeas and lavender sprigs and the blowing of the dandelion. You four look like you were having the time of your lives. xx

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    1. Thank you A. Oh that Sunday in Japan was truly effortless, fun, easy, uncomplicated. And yey, you adore hydrangeas too! The first time I saw them was in Wimbledon tennis 2 years ago and I immediately found them fascinating (oh noh I’m starting to miss England). 🙂


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