Sensoji Temple and Tokyo SkyTree

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Summer is almost over and I have yet to complete my posts on our winter holiday in Japan.  It took me a long time to get back to writing because life got busy and I got caught up preparing for a follow-up Japan holiday (Japan again, but I’m not complaining.  We love Japan.).

I’ve previously posted some of our most amazing adventures in Hokkaido, and our Disney moments and Samurai encounter in Tokyo.  My last post was on that gloriously bright winter morning when we did the Sumida River cruise in Tokyo.  And so allow me to continue from there…

We got off the boat at Asakusa pier and walked about 15 minutes to Sensoji, Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple.  We approached the temple from the Nakamise-dori, a pedestrian street lined with small shops that sell anything from Japanese dolls and hair accessories to shirts and many other souvenir items.  If you plan to visit, do take this route because the walk has that nice ‘old Tokyo’ feel and it leads you through the two gates, Kaminarimon and Hozomon,  the temple gates with massive red lanterns, before reaching the actual temple.  We spent just about two hours in the area. You might need more if you plan to offer prayers.

What we think: It is worth a visit even for non-Buddhist.  It is, after all, Tokyo’s most visited temple.

Our boys at Nakamise-dori
Hozomon, the 2nd and larger of the two gates
Benjamin just had to have his photo taken with the other visitors in their colourful kimonos.
View from the right side of the temple
The five-story pagoda in the compound

Now, we were supposed to visit a museum as well that day, but as I’ve said, it was a bright winter day with perfect blue sky, and so we thought it would be a good idea to see the city from above!  We then decided to go to Tokyo SkyTree which has viewing decks as high as 450 meters.  It wasn’t in our itinerary but it didn’t matter, the SkyTee was just across the river from Sensoji temple anyway.  At Sensoji we took the train and in less than 15 minutes we arrived at Tokyo SkyTree Station.

Before going up to the viewing deck, we decided to have lunch at the food court of Tokyo Solamanchi, a mall that is directly connected to the foot of the SkyTree.

SkyTree has two viewing floors.  We went to the Tembo Deck which has the Glass Floor, a café and a restaurant.  We spent about two hours which was enough since it wasn’t big anyway.

What we think: Go there only on a clear day, otherwise, we think there is nothing to do and see.  It wasn’t in our itinerary but it was a sunshiny day, and so we went and we enjoyed our time looking over Japan’s metropolitan capital city.

View of the Tokyo SkyTree from Sumida River, Asakusa Pier
There was Mcdo, Kentucky and many other fast food in the mall but we were in Tokyo and so ramen it is.
DSC_0313 (2)
Joaquin taking a shot of the SkyTree’s shadow
Buildings and buildings as far as the eye could see

DSC_0333It was almost dark (4:40pm) when we left the ‘tree’.  The youngest among us, the most excited for the next destination… The Samurai Museum


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words,Snow! The ramen in Japan even at the food court was so delicious! It’s much more delicious than the ramen in expensive restos here in Singapore. Oh yes my older boy is quite tall now at 6ft, a head taller than me already. 🙂

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  1. More of a country you love? What more can one ask for 🙂 I love visiting a place over and over again even though some of my friends find it strange. I find it intimate the second time around because you feel like you have an idea about what to do and what not to do. When do you travel again to Japan? xx

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    1. We just came back from there actually for a summer holiday and you’re absolutely right, it did feel like we already know the place. I won’t be surprised if we end up going there again next year because it’s really a beautiful country and every prefecture has a wonderful adventure to offer. During our recent visit, we did some ‘camping’ and a bit of hiking in Mt Fuji 🙂

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