Snowmobile Tour in Niseko, Japan

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#WhereHasWinterTakenYou: In the Forest on Snowmobiles…

Visibility was low throughout the day, the snow was blowing hard and there was even a chance that our tour would not push through.  But hey we were lucky, at 2pm in the afternoon just after lunch and snowboarding lesson in the morning, our snowmobile tour was given the go signal…

I can’t ski, and apparently, can’t snowboard as well.  And so it was quite necessary that we choose a resort that has off-slope activities, too.  Last December during our holiday in Japan, we went to Hanazono resort in Niseko for our winter destination.  Apart from skiing and snowboarding, the resort also has sledding, snow tubing, snowshoeing and snowmobile tours!

Snowmobiling is an incredibly fun activity for the whole family.  I remember yelling to my husband, amidst the loud noise coming from the snowmobile engines and howling winds,  that everything was unbelievable!

Here are some of the pictures from the tour.  There are some also some useful links and tips from our family at the bottom.

Thumbs up for Hanazono snowmobile tours
DSC_0397 (2)
Into the woods
That’s our family – Benjamin and I were single riders while Joaquin and Dad were on a tandem machine.
Benjamin especially enjoyed driving through the tight, narrow corners
Happy me at the end of the tour!

Some tips and links from our family:

  1. Don’t back out just because of a little wind and snow.  It will not always be bright and sunny during winter or during your visit, so accept the elements with open arms and let them add another level of excitement and unpredictability to your adventure.
  2. Book the 1-hour tour. You’ll surely get more from that one.  The tour available during our time of visit was just for half an hour.  The tour website says that the half-hour tour will be on a golf course.  But really lucky for us that we explored the trail in a nearby forest instead.  Most parts of the trail were narrow but not daunting for first-timers like us.
  3. Wear a balaclava if it’s snowing. If you’re using a scarf, secure it to cover up to your nose.  The tour can go fast on flat terrain and the snow will hit your faces like tiny needles if you don’t.
  4. You can use your skiing/snowboarding helmet and goggles. But you can borrow these from them free of charge.  You do not need to change out of your snowboarding boots.  That’s what we used during the tour.  Otherwise, just use your usual snow boots.
  5. Enjoy the experience.  Let yourself be transported to ‘Narnia’.  
  6. It’s challenging to take pictures with a DSLR camera while driving.  If taking nice shots is your priority, do bring a GoPro attached to the helmet, or better yet, take the tandem snowmobile so that you can take the shots while the other person drives.
  7. Here’s the website for more information:

DSC_0398 (2)

If you would like to read about our snowboarding experience in Hanazono, click here.

Here’s a video of our snowboarding and the Hanazono resort.  Hope you’ll enjoy watching!  Turn up the volume! I really love the music on this one…


    1. Oh I did manage to convince them, but not without difficulty at first. But they ended up enjoying the tour very much so no regrets for them. They especially enjoyed the tight trails and fast corners. The snow was deep in some parts, it was challenging to drive. But the whole thing was incredible. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Wilbur. My family enjoyed the tour a lot. Wow! Husky and reindeer sledding sounds really fun! We wanted to do husky sledding in the US last time but we thought save it for Finland or Norway hahaha I wonder when that will come true. 🙂

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  1. It looks magical, Amor. I would be on that snowmobile in a jiffy too, weather be darned. I am with you there on flawless skiing and snowboarding talent 😉 I mean what’s to miss when you have all the other activities at hand. I would love to snowshoe too. Fantastic photos. xx

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