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Before Joaquin was born, we brought Benjamin to Tokyo Disney Resort.  We spent one day at Disneyland and another day at DisneySea.  We also stayed at the very pretty and that time, newly opened, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.

That was our family’s very first Disney experience, the first time we felt that distinct Disney magic!

It has been a few years already but that magical experience is still vivid in our minds.  And so allow me to reminisce and share with you some of the pictures of those two wonderful days…


Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
Peter Pan Room




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Some of our Disney home videos are available on our YouTube channel.


    1. Oh Joy I agree with you, it can be tiring and crowded but yes, it’s always fun in Disney. You know what? My second son, Joaquin’s first Disney experience was also in Paris. Did you go to the two parks there? We only managed to go to one.

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  1. The most happiest place on earth is definitely Disneyland!! Our first experience was Euro Disney in Paris as well. The kids weren’t born yet so it was just my husband and I. Disney memories are ones which you will treasure forever. Totally magical! Xx

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