Swanley Park and Stanhill Farm

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‘Easy Like Sunday Morning’

Light and easy.  For me, that’s how Sundays should be.    01

Strawberries don’t grow in Singapore, we can only get them from the supermarket and I’ve never seen a strawberry plant before, so believe me when I say that I was really excited about that day.

Not far from where my sister lives is Stanhill Farm, located in Dartford, Kent.  It delivers fresh produce from their farm straight to people’s kitchens.  They also allow people to pick their own fruits and vegetables, which was exactly what we did last summer.

Lunch at a garden nursery before going to the farm

My brother in law, Kuya Bong, wasn’t working that Sunday and so he had time to take us all to the farm. 03

You can take as many baskets as you need at the entrance at no cost.  At the exit, that’s where everything will be weighed for payment.

With my sister and our mom

We went there for the red, juicy strawberries.

Hmm, sampling them first?

And for Kim, a time to relax under the sun.

My niece, Kim

I saw some raspberries too but they were not yet ready for picking.  Apparently, harvesting of raspberries is from July to October.07

There were beans and many other vegetables, too.

Broad beans

I found the whole experience relaxing and therapeutic.  I often feel that sometimes it’s the simple things, like flying a kite, gardening or in this case, strawberry picking that is most effective in fighting stress and other complexities in our lives.

I can do this every Sunday

After strawberry picking, we drove to the nearby Swanley Park.  We took the mini train from the parking lot to the pond for £2 per person. 10

Never underestimate these little trains.  They’re actually fun to ride.

Big people aboard! Chug chug chug…

Here’s the pond in the park.12

Mini boats can be hired.  And there are benches to sit on if you forgot to bring your picnic mat.13

You can choose to have a picnic on the big open spaces or under a tree. 14

There’s a playground for smaller kids.

Playground on the right of the pond

And buggies and a separate playground for the bigger children.

Buggies on the right, playground for the bigger kids behind the snack shop

And what is a park without an ice-cream van?17

Double, triple scoop?  It’s not just any ice-cream, you know.  It’s a blue one! And as blue as the sky that day.18

Like I said, this is how I want my Sundays – light and easy, surrounded with green and a touch of blue.



  1. This post is such a nice reminder of things that might mean nothing to one person, can mean so much to another. I grew up in Lincolnshire and went strawberry picking as a kid to earn pocket money. Strawberry picking to me, is just a slog but I love that you loved it so much.

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    1. Hi! Indeed! I too had to sell mangoes during the summer when I was growing up in the Philippines. But yah, as my family gets to travel more, we realised that it’s essential to do what locals do, see/feel things in their perspective and that includes strawberry picking for me 🙂 I’m excited to read your posts. I’ll get to them one by one soon.
      – Amor

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