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Day 4 – Castle, Maze and Moat

 On my fourth day in London, May 11, 2015, we visited Leeds Castle, which was just about 30 minutes away from ate’s house in Sidcup. May 11 is our mama Fe’s birthday and so this journal entry is dedicated to her.

 Leeds Castle is in Kent, a county southeast of London.  It was built is 1119 and was used by royalties including 6 queens, with Catherine of Aragon being the most famous resident along with her husband, King Henry VIII.  The last family to have lived in the castle was that of Lady Baillie’s.   Lady Baillie was an Anglo-American heiress who bought and lived in the castle from 1926 up till her death in 1974.

 To get to the castle, we took the mini train from the gate.   Visitors could walk but we decided on taking the train because we imagined that it can be quite a walk up the hill especially with a 1-yr old in tow.



 We had just gotten out of the train and had not entered the castle yet but I was already giving out a lot of ‘Ooh’, ‘Wow’ and ‘Gosh, look at that!’

23I love flowers especially the untamed ones, like these blue bells and wild daisies. And since it was my first time to see tulips that were not in a vase, I wouldn’t miss an opportunity like this not to have a Bella-of-Twilight moment. So there I was, happily posing for pictures.


 And admiring the astounding beauty that surrounded me.


Leeds Castle was not big but it was lovely and made even more beautiful by the moat that surrounds it. Some of the castles I visited before also have moats but without water. Leed’s moat feeds from the River Len.


This is ate and her family.


These were some pictures on the castle grounds.





Leeds was in full bloom when we visited.  Flowers in different colors and textures were everywhere. 25




I like this part of the castle especially those arches.

This was Lady Baillie’s bedroom.10

 Her library.11

 Her dining room.12

And Queen Catherine of Aragon’s bedroom.15

Anton had a fun day too, chasing ducks and feeding them with bread.


 After touring the castle, Kim and I took the maze challenge, which was also inside the Leeds Castle compound. It was actually difficult to find our way out. We were coming back to the same spot again and again, and seeing  the same faces each time, I bet they were lost too.  It probably took us about 20 minutes to finally see the exit, and not without the help of some kids who were lot quicker than us.13

 Kim and I were still all smiles after getting lost in the maze.16

 And here are more pictures of me (sorry but thanks for letting me indulge) on our way out of the castle.17



That’s me after getting some souvenirs like Euben’s raindeer cufflinks, fridge magnets and some books.

The following days I spent in London were mostly about art (lots of it), musicals and food.


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