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Day 15 – Wolves, Snakes and Slides

Our family likes going to the zoo.  The kids find the animals fascinating, and Dad and I find the trip to the zoo relaxing.  And so Zoo Zurich was a good way to end our summer holiday, before going back to Singapore the following day!

There were lots of animals here that are not at the Singapore Zoo.  Most fascinating was the pack of wolves which responded to Benjamin’s howls.29

Walking Mickey also enjoyed the zoo.
It’s Joaquin’s first time to see a chicken and so he followed it all around.


 Even in the zoo there was a long slide to enjoy.  Joaquin said this blue slide was the highlight of his Switzerland holiday.22

 And oh em gee!

“May I borrow your belt mister.”

 Touching this snake made Zoo Zurich unforgettable for Benjamin.23

Joaquin liked this blue dart frog and asked if it came from the Amazon.
The weather was warm, perfect for icicles.

   It was a fun, scaly, slimy day at the zoo.  The kids enjoyed very much and wouldn’t stop talking about the wolves and the snakes and the long blue slide.

And these wildflowers made the zoo even more interesting and beautiful for me.

The following day, 28 June 2013, we flew back to Singapore.  So, that was our very first family travel since Joaquin was born and we enjoyed it so much. We got to spend summer in the Swiss Alps and visit Mickey in Paris.  But more than that, we were thankful we were able to spend a very happy time together.

Joaquin’s allergies did not make us too anxious and we can say that we all truly had a relaxed time.

There were not many expectations on this trip – after all I only had 3 weeks to prepare and Daddy’s so-called (Switzerland) itinerary really just indicated ‘free and easy’. Perhaps, it’s the not-so-planned nature of this holiday that made us exceedingly happy.  Everything we saw left us in awe.  Everything we experienced left us feeling tremendously grateful…


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