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Day 10 – Relaxing Saturday Afternoon in Geneva

We travelled back to Switzerland but this time to Geneva.  It was just 3 hours by TGV from Gare de Lyon in Paris to Cornavin Station in Geneva.DSC_0494

 The Tiffany Hotel where we stayed at was so colourful and pretty, and best of all, it had a special place for Walking Mickey.DSC_0423

 We could only spend a day in Geneva and for now it was enough.  We went to Patek Philippe Museum, joined the festivities in Parc de Bastions near University of Geneva, and just enjoyed a relaxing Saturday afternoon along the banks of Rhone River.

At Patek Philippe Museum
At Parc de Bastions
We noticed that there was playground everywhere in Switzerland.
Behind Daddy and Joaquin was The Reformation Wall.
Chillaxing along the banks of Rhone River


 We were thinking that next time, we would spend a few days in Geneva and thoroughly explore this French- speaking part of Switzerland.

This large fountain was the Jet d’Eau at Lake Geneva.

 That was our brief stopover in Geneva.   The following day we discovered our little paradise in Zermatt

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