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Day 8 – Mickey in Paris

Today was the day!  Joaquin was finally going to meet Mickey!!!DSC_0223

But we didn’t have many nice pictures at Disneyland Paris.  There wasn’t much time to take shots.  The kids were just too busy having fun!

 Disneyland was happy, exciting and magical!!! And Daddy was the first one to say it that day, “We’re in the happiest place on Earth!”

Our first stop was of course… Mickey Mouse!

 The moment Joaquin saw Mickey, his eyes lit up! He was the happiest boy! He kissed and hugged Mickey; our hearts were filled with joy.IMG_0983

We visited it’s a small world. In this fantasy world, all adults were smiling and feeling young again. This was Mummy’s favourite attraction.
Where’s Captain Hook, Mr. Smee?

Join us pirates or walk the plank! The boys were so thrilled with their swords; they were sparring as we walked from one attraction to another. Oh, can you imagine the riot?DSC_0360

 Looks who’s got a new friend!  Joaquin called him ‘Walking Mickey’.DSC_0288

Behind us was Phantom Manor. It was fun and only a bit scary. Benjamin wouldn’t stop talking about it.


The Disney Magic on Parade was so pretty and they said more spectacular this year because Disneyland Paris was celebrating its 25th year.DSC_0353

 After the parade, we rode the horses in the Le Carouselle de Lancelot, we shoot guns at Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, did sword fighting at Pirates Beach and got lost in Alice’s Curious Labyrinth.

The Neverland ride with Peter Pan was enchanting! It was like flying in the night sky, looking down at the lights coming from the lamp posts and houses in London, and above us was a sky filled with twinkling stars.

Even at Disneyland, there was beer!


 And here, Daddy and I were all smiles, happy that we have not outgrown Mickey.  Already, Disneyland Orlando was in mind.

Day 9 – A Few Necessities

It’s June 21, our last day in Paris.  We walked along avenue de Champs-Elysees and the streets around rue saint Florentine. Daddy was feeling generous that day and bought, what he called, a few necessities for me. The kids and Walking Mickey, on the other hand, were just relaxing at the Renault Building and checking out the cars on the street.


DSC_0389 (3)
That’s Arc de Triomphe and the busy avenue de Champs-Elysees
At the car shop along Champs Elysees
Mercedes-Mclaren SLR, it was Benjamin’s love at first sight.
And oh these were Joaquin’s loves at first hug – Mickey Pillow and Walking Mickey, together in Paris.

 Bye for now Paris! Will see you again, because Paris is always a great idea…

DSCN1669 (3)

The last leg of our Summer in the Swiss Alps & Mickey in Paris holiday was back in Switzerland.  It’s the best part so wait for it!


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