Rhine Falls, Lake Zurich and City Center

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Day 4 – Sunny Sunday in Zurich

Our 4th day in Switzerland was light and easy.  The mood was relaxing and the weather was warm.   Thanks to auntie Ditha and uncle Peter for bringing us around that Sunday.

Here duckie duckie...
Here duckie duckie…
I can do this!
I can do this!
And how do you do that?
DSC_0775 (2)
So this is how big boys in Zurich spend their Sunday morning, flying planes!

After feeding the ducks and pretending to fly those small airplanes, we headed north of Zurich to Rhine Falls (Rheinfall in German), Europe’s largest waterfall.



In the afternoon, we traveled by ferry to Zurich CBD.

DSC_0864 (2)
Cruising together…

This was Zurich chillin’ on a Sunday afternoon…


And this was us, strolling, also enjoying our Sunday afternoon…


I thought it’s too bad the shops were closed on Sundays.  But I guess lucky for Dad, that the shops were closed that Sunday. 🙂


That was the end of the first leg of our holiday, tomorrow we travel to Paris to see Mickey.


  1. We were there last January 2020 before covid appeared its ugly head to everyone! we traveled by train from Zurich HB to Rheinfall. It was just a few hours day trip as we went to another place. Sinulit kumbaga haha! It’s me Vinne from the same Evewanderlust. Eto lang dedicated blog ko for my YT PinoySwiss abroad channel. FYI

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